‘Keep it simple and do it with love’

Through the wonderful technology of our time I am able to show something of my life as painter.  A great artist Robert Colquhoun said, in relation to painting, ‘Keep it simple  and do it with love’. I hope this web site offers some insight into my efforts to keep simple and to work with love, a task never completed but endlessly worth pursuing.

In my painting I pursue the inner life in preference to the external. In one sense all art is inner if it works at all. It is all a searching, as it occurs to the painter, an expression of truth to the subject . I value the poetic and the lyrical in painting and life and consider life it self to be an affirmation and a blessing, something to be cherished and nurtured while it is also painful and utterly impossible at times. My work can reflect something of this dark side but it also has a sense of humour and irony and i hope beauty.