Painting the Bindi on Jesus

I painted this back in 2005 and could have sold it to someone then but felt unable to let go of it. I still have it on the wall in my home.  A few preliminary ideas had come to me.  I had always been attracted to the idea of the painter depicting himself in the act of painting.  It is a tradition going far back in Western art. But the idea of the artist painting the Bindi on Jesus was as far as I know entirely my own idea. It came to me as an inspiration, a kind of consecration of the business of my being a painter. I was being blessed by Jesus who is my seeing, clear sighted self! ( the Bindi of the Hindu faith is the small red dot that is placed between the eyes and signifies access to the sixth chakra, the seat of “concealed wisdom” or the third eye) So there is a virtuous cycle in the painting between the two figures each blessing the other; my self with my brush and Jesus with his acknowledgement that he is fine with this. It was a turning point in my work as it worked on more or less every level at once: composition colour balance, and subject matter all met in it.



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